If you’re looking for warm, non-judgemental support during your pregnancy and birth and have a sense of humour then we may be a good fit.

I’m somewhat of a commercial hippie:

– Love green juice and paleo granola / love cheeseburgers and cherry coke
– Love yoga / think about doing it more than I do it
– Am teetotal / love dancing like a wild woman (also note I have no rhythm)
– Love the pace of the city / love present walking through the trees

Oh, and I love a good box-set. (Heads-up, when you have a baby there’s not much time for boxsets as I learnt after having my fantastically wilful son George).

No one can guarantee you the perfect birth but my job is to ensure you feel supported, heard and cared for throughout your experience no matter what path it takes. 
In our antenatal sessions and during labour, I use various methods to help you feel comforted and integrated. I combine elements of hypnosis, reiki, essential oil therapy, acupressure, massage, guided meditation and yoga nidra, alongside visualisation and affirmations, always being guided by what feels right for you in each moment.

Hmm…what else?

I’m a teetotal doula (lucky for you when I’m on call for a month…no one needs a drunk doula) and my wild vice is…wait for it…aromatherapy candles. Whoooooo!

I studied a Midwifery one year access diploma and have a balanced take on birth.

I support your decision, be it a home birth or hospital, whether you want to belly dance under the moonlight or go for every medical aid under the sun. Basically, I’m middle of the road, so I’m devoted to women achieving their goals and see birth as a natural process yet I’m also realistic about risk when it is present. I think my favourite part of the job is the glamour; fishing poop out of birth pools is officially a hobby.

Above all, I absolutely adore my job; giving you the knowledge that leads to you making empowered decisions, helping you feel emotionally prepared for giving birth, creating a calm, safe space for you and your partner during labour, and listening to you after you’ve given birth to your lovely bundle.

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